I am not sixteen and pregnant. Either people think I am, or people in Boston do not see pregnant people very often. We were there several days ago dropping off my husband at the airport, and we stopped at Quincy Market to get some food when my mom noticed that everyone was staring at me. I caught people averting their gaze whenever I looked at them, until I realized that it was  because I was walking arm-in-arm with my parents. I looked like the poster child of the next "Sixteen and Pregnant" episode. Whenever I walk with Chris, I feel like people take me a little more seriously because they realize I must be married--or at least in a serious relationship. My parents happen to look particularly young (as if they could almost have a baby themselves!), which doesn't help my case as a tiny, young-looking teenager. I am twenty-three years old but I definitely look younger, and this was proved to be an interesting foray into the life of a young teenage mom.