After much thought, I have decided  to do a post on my relationship with my breasts.
Now, if I were you, I would be thinking: "hello, is this a good idea? I mean, talk about too much information!"
What I want to specifically talk about is breastfeeding. Other moms don't really tell you how difficult it really is.
Maybe I should preface by saying that prior to having Zoe, I always wondered why someone would choose not to breastfeed. Breastfeeding has been linked to a myriad of positive things, including: decreased childhood obesity, decreased diabetes, fewer illnesses, etc. In addition, it burns almost 500 calories a day for new moms! So why the heck would you not breastfeed? I can tell you a several reasons why. The first reason is this:

1. It Hurts Like the Last Time You [hit your funny bone, stubbed your toe, burned yourself baking cupcakes] Except Worse
Remember the last time someone pinched you really really hard? Okay, now take that, multiply it by ten, and apply that to one of the most sensitive areas of your post- pubescent body: your nipples.
And I mean, literally. From the first moment Zoe latched on, her sucking created some hardcore problems. I never expected that I would begin to compare some of her sucks to the contractions I experienced in labor--and I did labor the natural way.

Stay tuned for more reasons that Breastfeeding sucks. But don't worry, I won't leave out why it is simultaneously awesome.