Okay, so last post on why breastfeeding is rough for new moms.
3. Personally, I find breastfeeding really inconvenient. Whether you are a working mom who pumps milk, or a stay-at-home mom who breastfeeds every couple of hours, its hard to juggle whatever you are doing with your day and be constantly around for feedings. I can no longer just "grab" something at the grocery store. I have to check and make sure I have a bottle on hand. Warm up the bottle, get Zoe ready to go in the
 car seat, etc. Or, I have to just *hope* that she won't wake up when she is in the care of her grandmother. Even in the checkout line, I will be thinking "Is she hungry? Does she need me?"

Basically, breastfeeding makes it hard to get anything you used to get done, done.