I've really gotten into reading blogs. I have some really talented friends who write about anything and everything. Right now, Zoe is screaming her little lungs out in the background because she is "supposed" to be napping. I have to go check on her every couple minutes. Lets just say, this is one of those days when it would be nice to curl up with a nice blog, but yeah, that's not happening.
      Chris' best friend, Matt, has a sister (whom I have only met on passing) , and somehow I managed to 'follow' her blog--even though I barely know her. I absolutely adore her now. She is one of the wisest, sweetest people ever. Plus, she lives and works at a hospital in Africa. Cool, right? She is one of those people that has a sincere and genuine heart. (I think I secretly wish I could be her).One of her posts brought me to tears. I pretty much live vicariously through her wise and observant reflections on God and his abundant love for us.
    This brings me to another blog I just started to read regularly. A friend of a friend, and a Starbucks barista--Ashley S. writes about her marriage, her dreams, and the journey that God has brought her on so far. She is a few years ahead of me in life, which makes it all the more fun when I recognize that she has beat those problems I am just now facing! Her journey of faith is cataloged and described in episodes that leave me hoping the next one will show up soon.
    My friend Lily, from college, has a blog where she muses about life and the daily monotony that can drag us down or enlighten us. From her, I have learned that all my wondering about "What am I going to do with my life"? and "Am I doing what really matters"? are normal and not insane. As far as I know , there is at least two of us that feel this way.
    You are really missing out if you haven't read this blog --though I should probably mention it is PG-13 in language and content sometimes--it is a completely hilarious and tongue-in-cheek. The girl who writes it is an unashamedly honest person, and one of my dearest friends. Her struggles are more real, endearing, and universal than she knows. She has always helped me realize that it is okay to be messed up and confused...because I have found myself in that condition for a good portion of my short life!
    My Teach For America career was "short and not sweet". One of the girls who walked the walk with me,Mallory , has an awesome blog with reflections on a myriad of things, including: education, special needs, and her investment banker-wife life! Her perspective on Teach for America is exactly on par with how I felt about my experience.
    Last, but certainly not least, I am super excited to read the newest blog that I now follow. It belongs a New York dancer and internist who always outshines me with her daring and exciting life. While I blog on about diapers and spit-up, make sure to liven up your life with a good dose of the beautiful city-that-never-sleeps with the most gorgeous (seriously, see below if you don't believe me) and crazy/fun/smart person you will probably ever meet---my sister!

    What is unique about these blogs is that I LOVE them all equally and for different reasons.
So this is so cheesy, but I seriously want to give each one of these girls a hug because I stalk their lives on a regular basis.