Dearest Zoe,
I went to see the midwife this week and she said that you are growing healthily. You are now more than 4 pounds and you have plenty of amniotic fluid in there. When I was in N.H., I woke up one morning to find that my back was hurting a little more and that my belly looked and felt differently. The midwife confirmed that this was probably the date you turned your head down, since now you are clearly in a head down position! Having your head down apparently has nothing to do with whether or now you will arrive early, but nevertheless, I am nervous that you are going to come before we have taken the childbirth class.
Yesterday I went to view the ABC room at West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park, which is where we will be having you. It is a beautiful room with green walls, pictures, a huge grey tub, and a queen size bed. I was really impressed--especially when I saw the normal birthing rooms---they were so much uglier. They only had one little cot that was hooked up to a big machine, and that was it! I am so glad I am choosing to have you with little intervention and the opportunity to walk around, take a shower, take a bath,etc.
The lady who showed us around the hospital had a list of recommendations of things to bring when you start labor. She made a joke that "you might want to remember to bring bathing trunks for your partner because it is quite the shock when we see a naked guy laboring with a woman in the shower." Apparently, people get so into the birthing process, and the guy is trying to help, and he ends up....naked?