I've  been thinking a lot about worry and fear. I spend a lot of time worrying about our future because we are so young and we don't have established careers and we're back to living at home. I've been trying lately to center myself, to know when to let go--but it takes practice to do this. In Kathleen Norris' book 'Amazing Grace', she talks about "detachment" a word that early monks used to mean  "not allowing either worldly values or self-centeredness to distract us from what is most essential." She goes on to talk about Dorotheus of Gaza, who described this as "being free from [wanting] certain things to happen".  Wouldn't it be awesome to be free from the concerns and fears we have and to truly live in the moment?
Of course, detachment can appear impossible in day-to-day existence of needs and uncertainties. Here I am, clothed, fed and given everything I need, and I still struggle with anxiety over the future.
I hope Zoe is able to enter a peaceful world where I'm not so concerned over daily concerns that I can't live in the moment with her.