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The Apricot Incident

Posted by Briana Meade on Friday, December 23, 2011, In : Parenting 
        A few weeks ago, on a trip to a Safeway in Everett, Washington, a 4-year old named Savannah ate some apricots.  The apricots were eaten straight out of the bag and placed back on the shelf.  Savannah was not left to eat her "stolen" apricots in peace. A security guard apprehended her and her father and proceeded to ban them both from shopping at Safeway again. 
      The little girl was made to write ,although she has yet to learn to read or write, her name down on a piece of paper to...
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My Mom

Posted by Briana Meade on Saturday, December 17, 2011, In : Mom's 
Right now, my mother is driving away from Chicago. She's in a rental car with my dad, my brother and a ton of stuff.
And I miss her.
I'm sitting here, trying not to cry about it, because I can be a huge baby, and well, because I have my own baby to take care of.
When my mom was here, nothing could go completely wrong. I went over to my parents' apartment everyday. She told me what to do when Zoe had a cold.
 I always had someone to complain to. On my worst days, I had someone to detail every li...
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The Mom Club: Why GooGooGaGa Land is an Exclusive Place

Posted by Briana Meade on Wednesday, December 14, 2011, In : Mom's 
I recently joined a "moms" group at my church because, well, I'm now a mom.
 It's official.   I am now part of a secret club that involves googoogaagaa.  I swivel my head when I'm at the mall to watch that little girl toddling into a toy store. It's like I have a radar on my head that searches through the environment for wet diapers and drool. I am becoming fluent in "googoogaga".

Last night at Dunkin' Donuts to the Indian cashier girl:

Me: I haven't seen you in a while (I get decaf everynight a...
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