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A Proverbs 31 Conversion

Posted by Briana Meade on Wednesday, November 30, 2011,
If you've been a Christian woman for any length of time, you've probably heard the Proverbs 31 spiel. In ladies' bible studies, Proverbs 31 is like the ubiquitous chapter that never fails to make an appearance. Whether you are becoming a woman of "character" or a woman of "value" or just, in general, attending a woman's bible study on anything,  you are bound to hear "What can we learn about being a woman from Proverbs 31?"  

Now, my purpose is not to demean any chapter of the bible. It's just...

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Natural Childbirth I

Posted by Briana Meade on Monday, November 14, 2011,
I remember the reaction of the first ob-gyn I saw when I told him I was "trying to have a natural childbirth."
"Oh no!" He said, his eyes wide. "You should not do that."
"Why not?" I asked. I was already nervous enough about my ability to follow through.
"Child birth should be romantic and beautiful. You do not want to be in pain! You need to have the epidural so that you are not in pain. Maybe you can bring some music too--Mozart or Bach--you like classical music? It can be romantic."

Okay. So ...
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Why I'm Glad I'm Not A Doctor

Posted by Briana Meade on Monday, November 7, 2011, In : Career 
   I stumbled across a site the other day as I was doing research on the internet. I wanted to know how mom's balance it all--especially those that work. There's this board for Doctor moms called MomMD. Its a place where women doctors can talk about their practice, issues in medicine, and of course, parenting. 
    Doctor moms have it rough. Their issues range from finding an au pair for 80 hours a week while they work, to their child prefering the grandmother over them (because the mom never ...
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Do women have less choices?

Posted by Briana Meade on Thursday, November 3, 2011,
Life has gotten even more unsure for stay-at-home moms. Its a high-cost vocation. With economic times as they are, the choice is becoming even more complex.
According to a Salon article titled "Regrets of a stay at home mom," it is becoming increasingly difficult to make the choice to stay home:

"The economic crisis will erode women’s interest in “opting out” to care for children, heightening awareness that giving up financial independence — quitting work altogether or even, as I ...
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How Moms Have Backed Themselves into a Corner

Posted by Briana Meade on Thursday, November 3, 2011,
The whole stay-at-home mom thing is incredibly confusing.

If you google "stay at home mom"  you are bound to come up with a million advertisements claiming that "you can earn 1,000/week working at home!" . These are seemingly aimed at moms desperate to find a way to care for their own kids.

 There are  also dozens of chat sites . Both sides seem to be trying to convince the other side that they have it better.
Women who stay at home say they spend endless time in googoo-gaagaa land. They wish t...
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