I currently offer resume writing services for those who are interested in a professionally formatted, unique resume that highlights your skills and improves your chances of catching the eye of a recruiter or hiring manager.

With over 100+ resumes under my belt, I spend time crafting each individual resume, including communicating with each client about their specific needs and requirements. I've written resumes in every industry, from Corporate Compliance Officers to IT professionals. I am familiar with current resume trends and currently do contract work for a Resume Writing Service aligned with Groupon.

My current rates are as follows:

$50 for a resume package that includes:

A professionally formatted resume and a 7-day editing period (during which clients can contact me for edits and revisions).

$20 for a cover letter that aligns directly with your industry and experience.

Rates for a combined resume + cover letter package deal is $65.

Feel free to contact me at or using the Contact Form on the right.

I would be happy to send you samples of my work. I also offer e-mail consultations for a $15 fee where I analyze your resume and provide feedback on the changes that could be made to improve your chances in your job search.


First place "Lowell-Grabill" award at Wheaton College
 for the Non-fiction piece "Highlights of my Father" (2010)

Wheaton College Record  "Throwing Spears at the Wall" and
"A Lesson From Refugees and Escalators."

Kodon "Running in December"
The Pub "Grape Juice Grace"

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